During the month of July, Johnson Outdoors sponsored an internal voluntary Clean Earth Challenge trash pick-up contest open to employees across the organization. The goal was to collect as much trash as possible outside of work hours within the one-month timeframe.

Winning first place was Tracy Doheny, who along with her husband Tom, and son Justin, collected an incredible 14,952 pieces of trash and debris working almost every day! Tracy is located in Mankato, Minnesota and works for Johnson Outdoors’ Marine Electronics division.

Fueled by a competitive spirit, Tracy entered the contest determined to win and she did! She went into the contest knowing it was the right thing to do for the environment and felt gratified with the results. First prize was 8 hours of paid time off and a Clean Earth Challenge T-shirt.

Other than five days of solo collecting, Tracy and her family picked up trash in their hometown and several surrounding towns where they live and work. This includes Mankato, St. Peter, Henderson, Le Sueur, Montgomery, and Kimball.

The cleanup areas included a walking path around work, country gravel roads, golf courses, city parks, county parks, a supermarket parking lot, and a highway on/off ramp.

More unusual items collected included socks, a sandal, boxer shorts, a circuit board and $2.56 in coins! Other items included cans, plastic bottles, bags, wrappers, and more. Tracy kept track of the items as they picked them up and wrote them down each time they went out. Congratulations to Tracy and her family for an incredible job. Well done!