A family picks up trash together at the side of a small stream surrounded by trees.

Get Outdoors
and Come Clean
for Earth!

The National Wildlife Federation and Johnson Outdoors have teamed up to inspire people to get outdoors and take simple conservation action to help clean up our planet.

We’re calling on outdoor lovers everywhere to come together to take the Clean Earth Challenge! Join with friends, family, neighbors, classmates and co-workers in a community effort to help make our planet a healthier, happier place.

Our goal is to collect one million pieces of trash and debris that litter our beautiful land, oceans and waterways. This pollution has a devastating effect on the health of our ecosystems, wildlife and the planet. By taking the Clean Earth Challenge, you can help improve the health of our environment.

Pieces of trash collected and counting…



Follow these three easy steps:

Bottles and trash on sandy shore

Take the Challenge


Care about your local beach, park or favorite outdoor camping spot? Have you noticed trash and debris that not only affects the outdoor experience but harms the environment? It’s time to clean it up! Get your crew—your best buddy, a favorite relative, outdoor enthusiast or other folks to take the Challenge and make a difference!

Woman collecting trash in park

Get Out There


Now it’s time to pick a location and follow simple steps to safely collect trash and debris. You can pick up trash while walking your dog, hanging out at the beach, fishing at your favorite spot or hiking on your local trail. Or you can organize larger-scale cleanups. Every action helps and when you work together, the impact is big!

1. Need Permission? Get It!

Once you’ve decided what area to clean up, please make sure to inquire and secure permission or permits if applicable (for example, a local park, business area, etc.).

2. Easy Access 

Make sure the area you are cleaning up is safe and accessible. It should be easy to walk through to collect trash and debris. Avoid any unsafe circumstances or obstacles.

3. Special Disposal

Before your clean up, consult local city services for special handling and drop off instructions for special items like batteries, paint or any hazardous items that cannot be thrown in the trash.

4. Materials You’ll Need

Depending on the scope, you’ll need garbage bags and/or bins for collection. If it’s a long day, arrange for food, snacks and water options.

5. Wear Gloves

Reusable garden gloves work great, or you can use plastic gloves. Do not pick up any trash items that make you feel uncomfortable like glass, needles, sharp objects or PPE like masks.

6. Drop Off

Make sure to responsibly dispose of trash, recyclable items or hazardous items at the proper trash or disposal areas.


COVID Reminder

Please remember to follow Covid protocol designated by your local city, county and state authorities.

Leaderboard shot of Litterati App

Measure your Impact


Trash the trash! Keep track of your cleanup efforts and measure your personal impact by downloading the easy-to-use Litterati app in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Use Join Code: CLEANEARTH.

You can also keep track of your cleanup efforts by filling out our Clean Earth Challenge Collection Form (download, print, fill out and scan/create a PDF or take a photo) and email it to us at cleanearthchallenge@nwf.org.

You also have the option to fill in the form online and submit it to us.

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Organizing & Promoting a Cleanup

Whether it’s a cleanup with a small group of friends or a large-scale community event, our Cleanup Toolkit provides everything you need to get started! You’ll find planning, prep and safety information, a handy checklist and ready-to-go graphics for email, posters and social media to get the word out and inspire people to sign up for your cleanup event!

Good luck on your collection journey!

Clean Earth Challenge

Collecting Counts!

Day by day, we are meeting our goal to collect one million pieces of trash and debris! See how we’re doing and check out personal stories and cleanup efforts in action. Glad to have you aboard!